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The Zebra Chronicles by Sheila Kennedy

HOw long does it take to get published by author and publisher Sheila Kennedy How long does it take a debut author to publish a book?

How fast can a debut author publish a book? I get asked often how long it takes to get a book published. In the grand scheme of life, it doesn’t take long at all. If the book is written and edited, it can take as few as four weeks to get a book from manuscript to in your hands. HOWEVER … I would never recommend that to a debut author in a million years. The editing, formatting,... Read More

Practice Creates Mastery in Writing

When I was writing Choices to Changes, one of the entrepreneurs I interviewed, Karen McMillan, shared that practice creates mastery. If we want to do anything masterfully, we need to put in the practice to achieve a masterful result. That can be applied to anything you want to achieve mastery in, including writing. You already do this even though you might not realize it. Think... Read More

Choices to Changes by Sheila Kennedy of The Zebra Ink Write What You Know

Thinking about writing a non-fiction book and are not sure what to write about? How about something you know how to do and have social proof that it worked for you? It is common and very effective to write about a process or condition that you have experienced personally. Even if the results were less than stellar … a “what not to do” account can be just as effective... Read More

The Daily Magnet including info-sponging by Sheila Kennedy of The Zebra Ink The Practice of Info-sponging and The Daily Magnet

 Info-Sponging is the way to grow! What the heck is that? I was first introduced to it by Jeff Hoffman, the co-founder of Priceline.com when I interviewed him for my book, Choices to Changes.  “Info-sponging is observing what is happening outside your industry and in the world, literally taking notes and then connecting the dots of random ideas to create new solutions.... Read More

Picture this before you write

Picture It! Who are you writing to? That’s right! If you want to keep your writing focused and on track, create a picture in your mind of who you are writing for. Not unlike picking an avatar of who your ideal client might be in business. If you keep focused on who the ideal person is to read whatever you are writing, the process will go so much smoother and makes a lasting... Read More

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