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The Zebra Ink recently held a Holiday Pop Up Book Shoppe in Rochester, NY. One of the featured authors that day was Christine Baker Marriage.

Meet Christine Baker Marriage

Author Christine Baker MarriageChristine Baker Marriage here of Christine Baker Marriage Consulting. I need you to know that this is my name not what I do. I am NOT a professional baker nor am I a marriage counselor. I can however, help you create that SWEET spot in your life where you are able to MARRY your work life, your home life and your personal life so that you are more balance, more productive and the best version of you.

[See what I did there?]

Read on for more info about me and what I do.

My friends and clients call me “The Time Strategist”. The official term is Work/Life Balance Strategist. I make your business and home life easier, efficient, and organized by creating systems for you where you can track information, track your efforts, track your to do’s and actually accomplish them which altogether help you maximize your time… so you can use that extra time being uniquely good to your customers, creating memories with your families, or taking care yourself…being self employed we often forget that part.

I am an expert in small business systems strategies and home/life organization and is the “brainstorm your dreams into reality” gal.

My expertise comes from being the owner of C. C. Baker Massage, a private massage therapy practice, as well as owner of ROC City Wellness, an integrative wellness center located in Rochester,New York.

I will help you create and design systems in your business and home ranging from achievable daily task lists to do-able long term action plans. As the owner of 3 businesses and mother to a family of seven, I am no stranger to advanced organized and achievable lifeNeed More Time? by Christine Baker Marriage systems.

Christine authored her first book, Need More Time?, this summer and is working on her next book. 

To connect with Christine, please visit

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