Author Jean Bennett

The Zebra Ink recently held a Holiday Pop Up Book Shoppe in Rochester, NY. One of the featured authors that day was Jean Bennett.

Meet Jean Bennett

Author Jean BennettJean is a holistic health care practitioner. In short, she assists people in getting and staying well, specializing in chronic issues. She helps people who have been everywhere and done everything to get rid of their pain, but have found no answers. Jean says, “It does not matter if it is pain or illness, or springing from physical or emotional causes, because your body knows what to do. You just have to learn how it is communicating with you, and translate the messages into what it needs so it can heal itself.”

Jean’s unique set of skills gives her a visionary perspective and a tenacity to see through the many messages the body is continuously conveying to us, and translate them into a plan for wellness. She has expertly blended her formal training (acupressure, energy therapy, massage, and digestion) with her inborn skills (intuition, patience, logic, compassion, and persistence) to become the expert in her field of healing the body through listening to it and providing what it needs.

Jean worked in the corporate world, where the stress levels were high. She ended up with several stress related physical problems that our medical system was severely lacking in helpful suggestions. This launched her quest for information, her journey in getting well, and a whole new career in the holistic care field.

She views herself as an educator who is passing on information that has not been part of our societal upbringing: We can heal ourselves if we know how and are willing to do the work. She has taken on the mission of helping people understand how to listen to their bodies, translate the messages, and navigate holistic care, so they can accomplish the full splendor of their lives.

Jean released her book, Getting There … Navigating Holistic Care, in January 2017. 

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