Author Katelin Maloney

The Zebra Ink recently held a Holiday Pop Up Book Shoppe in Rochester, NY. One of the featured authors that day was Katelin Maloney.


Meet Katelin Maloney

Author Katelin MaloneyWhen Katelin Maloney sees a huge wrong in our society like domestic violence, she doesn’t just wish it away. She works diligently and passionately to help right that wrong. A dedicated advocate and survivor of domestic violence herself, Katelin writes novels exposing the complexities of this social epidemic and the impact it has on victims.

Katelin’s first novel Drowning, is a proclaimed page turner by readers. Drawing the reader in, Drowning exposes the intricacies of domestic violence while raising awareness and empathy. With two additional books nearly complete, and a weekly blog, Katelin uses her writing to educate people about the variety of issues surrounding domestic violence.Books by Katelin Maloney

Committed to being part of the solution, Katelin volunteers as member of the Community Action Team for Betty Griffin House, located in St. Augustine, Florida. Katelin also speaks to a variety of audiences providing awareness and strategies for moving forward towards a world without domestic violence.

Kristin Paul, aka Katelin Maloney, also wrote a fantastic financial guide for divorced women called, Freeing Yourself Financially

Katelin also founded Purple Ribbon Publishing, creating a platform for those touched by domestic violence to get published.

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