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Joie Gharrity

Author Joie Gharrity published by The Zebra Ink

Joie Gharrity founder of 113 Branding is a Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author and Speaker. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, such as The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures, in film, television, original web content and branded entertainment. She was encouraged and taught branding and marketing techniques by high level mentors.

As her brand grew stronger she gained greater Visibility, which in turn gained her greater influence and success in her field. She was hand-picked by the ABC Studio President to launch the first multi-media startup business for The Walt Disney Company.

After returning to the Bay Area Joie was inspired to launched 113 Branding. She integrates her strategic branding and marketing vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs globally. Her techniques and strategies help entrepreneurs globally become more Visible and Influential.


The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence by Author Joie GharrityJoie recently launched her book The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence specifically for entrepreneurs. She shares branding and marketing strategies, techniques, tools and tips that can be implanted easily and quickly so that entrepreneurs globally can elevate their brand and gain greater Visibility and Influence.

She truly believes that it is your birthright as an entrepreneur to stand in your spotlight and shine bright. That it has nothing to do with the last name you are born into or your vocation. Instead it has to do with living your true purpose, turning up your Visibility spotlight and allowing your Influence to shine.




Grace Harlow Klein

caj118zGrace Klein can be with you in your feelings of confusion, loss, hopelessness, anger and despair. She values your desire for growth, to heal, to find love and self fulfillment in your life.

In those values, she found her place in the Person-Centered Approach, the work of Carl R. Rogers, noted American psychologist of the 20th century. She is a person centered psychotherapist.

Together you will make a relationship to explore what is hurting, to connect with your feelings, find your voice and make the life and relationships you want.

In addition to practicing as a psychotherapist, Grace is also an accomplished author and artist.  Her new book Kaleidoscope will be released in early Spring of 2017. You can find her other books for purchase at


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Kim Boudreau Smith –  Compiler

Kim-9.1 - Sm. File for sharing online-(ZF-3979-33456-1-049)Kim Boudreau Smith is a multi-talented CEO and business leader with a legacy of empowering thousands of women through her varied business endeavors. From a corporate background in sales and marketing, Kim has gone on to trail-blaze a path for other women entrepreneurs to follow in. As a # 1 international best-selling author and a 6-time international best-selling author and business coach, Kim is passionate about putting her success to use in passing on the wisdom she’s gained from carving out thriving businesses in a number of industries. As CEO of Kim Boudreau Smith and KBS Publishing, her international speaking and coaching work has enabled millions of women to benefit from her inspirational and empowering business strategy, designed specifically for women business owners. She enjoys nothing more than hosting events and bringing women together to create more visibility and networking opportunities. Kim is also the CEO and founder of Bold Radio Station, an elite platform for women to market their businesses.

bold-is-beautiful-2013-kbs-front-coverBold Is Beautiful

Every single beautiful woman in this book shares their souls with you, where they once were and how they had to become very bold to move forward. They speak of how being small was not a choice if they were to receive what they wanted for themselves and their families. They share how it was not an option to complain, crawl in a corner, and become a victim, but how they chose to turn their lives around and become bold and successful. This book is about standing up, and believing in one’s self so in turn all of the readers can find hope and belief in themselves. This is about being yourself, and no past can determine who you are today!



bold-is-beautiful-2014-bbs-front-coverBold Is Beautiful – Breakthrough to Business Strategies

This book is a tribute to all women around the world to be Bold, to shine your beautiful light and to grow your success to where you desire it to be. Every single beautiful woman in this book shares their soul with you, how they had to become very bold to move forward and create their personal happiness and success. They share what it takes to grow personally so they can have the joy in their life they have desired for quite some time. They share how it was not an option to stay in an environment that was compromising their health, and what it takes to continue to move forward to grow their vision and not live in a society box. This book is about standing up and believing in oneself, so in turn all of the readers can also find hope and belief in themselves and take their business to the next level. The women in this book are so honest, baring their hearts to the world, and revealing a large part of their insights for a successful business to all of you. This was my request to these women for this project and they delivered with joy and a lot of honesty.



Heather Hamel

choice-1 Growing up with horses is a little girls dream come true.  Heather’s original dream in life was to be a horse trainer – how dreams change – sort of!

She moved to the wonderfully historic town of St. Augustine, Florida and was a tour guide and a ghost story teller while she put herself through college to become a special education teacher.  After graduating, she felt the pull of horses in her life again.  That’s when Kobi found her.

Heather learned quickly that when you own horses you become a part time vet, part time nutritionist, and full time equestrian.  She wouldn’t change a thing!

In addition to being completely obsessed with her herd, She also teaches and tutors students with learning disabilities, and more specifically, dyslexia.

She decided to write her own books after struggling to find what she thought was appropriate for her students:  what they could read appeared to be too immature for them, and what their peers were reading was either too hard or required more reading stamina than they had.  She has several books that she has authored including the Cryptozoology Series, Kobi , and two ghost stories: Murder of Crows and her latest release in October, Destruction of Wild Cats.

Destruction of Wild Cats  and Murder of Crows 

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Cryptozoology Series:


Kobi and Sugar

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Katelin Maloney

katelinprofileWhen Katelin Maloney sees a huge wrong in our society like domestic violence, she doesn’t just wish it away.  She works diligently and passionately to help right that wrong.  A dedicated advocate and survivor of domestic violence herself, Katelin writes novels exposing the complexities of this social epidemic and the impact it has on victims.

Katelin also speaks to a variety of audiences providing awareness and strategies for moving forward towards a world without domestic violence.

Katelin has one more book coming out this year.  Deception, a sequel to Drowningand Freeing Yourself Financially.


DrowningKindle (1)Rebecca has simple dreams. A promotion. Children. A happy marriage. But can she have it with Mitch?

Though she carefully keeps secrets to guard her safety, her marriage to Mitch, a successful doctor, is brutal, and his abuse is escalating. A promotion at the bank could be the answer to her prayers, but Mitch has different plans for her life.

Ultimately, Rebecca must face her own inner demons before she can act. Will she be able to find her former, stronger self before Mitch destroys her completely?




Are you ready to become financially free?

Freeing Yourself Financially: A Woman’s Guide to Rebuilding Her Finances after Divorce is a step-by-step guide to gaining control of your finances. Kristin Paul covers topics such as creating a workable budget, reducing expenses, increasing income, reducing credit card debt, life insurance matters, and saving for different goals.

Tools found in this book have been adopted from the author’s own experiences after her divorce; when she had to learn how to survive and take care of her children on a much lower income than she previously had.

After completing the steps in Freeing Yourself Financially, divorced women will have the resources and empowerment needed to change their financial situation for the better. Living a life free from financial burden contributes to a stronger, self sufficient and independent woman. Kristin Paul’s guide helps women in the aftermath of divorce achieve exactly that. 


 Darcia Kunkel 

Darcia-11 (Douglas Brauner's conflicted copy 2016-11-28)Most women in their 40s have experienced feeling fried around the edges at one point or another.  Darcia Kunkel is no different.  Juggling the demands of three kids, a husband, a dog, writing, editing and business consulting, gives you the perfect recipe for an exhausted mid-lifer.  Darcia’s realistic, grounded and often cynical approach to everyday demands gives us pause to reflect and laugh in her inaugural book, 40-Something and Fried.


As a former military spouse, Darcia has a heart for military families and writes on topics including motherhood, Christian inspiration, military spouse transition, practical cooking and the struggles of perfectionism.  Readers enjoy her lighthearted approach to life after age 40 that sometimes leaves them frazzled and frayed.



Most women in their 40s have experienced feeling worn out and fried at one point or another.  Darcia Kunkel is no different.  Juggling the demands of three kids, a husband, two dogs, writing and editing creates the perfect recipe for a worn out mid-lifer.  Darcia’s realistic, grounded and often cynical approach to everyday demands gives us pause to reflect and laugh in her inaugural book, 40-Something and Fried.







Coralie Robertson


When Coralie Harlow Robertson’s husband of fifty-four years passed away, she never imagined that it would be the catalyst for her first published book.  As she picked up the pieces of grief and began building the next chapter of her life, The Journey Within, Living After Loss began taking shape.  Not only is her book a beacon of hope for those who are exploring the options of relationships after loss, becoming an author is an opportunity for her to model that it is never too late to try something new to her four children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.  As a retired teacher and a current mentor to young people at Prodigy Leadership Academy, being a stellar example of compassion and humanity is an important ideal that Coralie strives for daily.




The Journey Within: Living After Loss is about relationships. Through the medium of interviews with 50 people, the audience is anyone who has experienced a relationship you thought would go the distance, only to lose that connection to death or divorce. It offers an understanding of the complexity of loss and support for the journey through grief. The interviews with loss experts and ordinary people who have lost someone offer a treasure trove of information that others have experienced during a similar journey. The promise is hope to anyone looking to build the next chapter of their lives.

The book also chronicles the author’s personal relationship journey. One common element of people rebuilding their lives after loss is struggle. The author’s journey, through struggle, changed the focus of the book. She learned that if you are looking to another person to fill a void inside you, ultimately, you will fail. There is reason to be optimistic. Giving attention to our own thoughts and feelings, we create space to change, but you have to take the first step.


Jean Bennett

Pic Bennett_4055Jean Bennett is a holistic health care practitioner. In short, she assists people in getting and staying well, specializing in chronic issues. She helps people who have been everywhere and done everything to get rid of their pain, but have found no answers. Jean’s unique set of skills gives her a visionary perspective and a tenacity to see through the many messages the body is continuously conveying to us, and translate them into a plan for wellness. She has expertly blended her life’s experience, formal training (acupressure, energy therapy, massage, and digestion) and her inborn skills (intuition, patience, logic, compassion, and persistence). This allowed her to become the expert in her field of healing the body through listening to it and providing what it needs. She views herself as an educator who is passing on information that has not been part of our societal upbringing: We can heal ourselves if we know how and are willing to do the work. She has taken on the mission of helping people understand how to listen to their bodies, translate the messages, and navigate holistic care, so they can accomplish the full splendor of their lives.


There are many books about modalities within holistic care, but there are very few that explain how to put them all together for the benefit of those searching for relief. Getting There is that book—it helps those with illness or pain, reclaim their health and happiness. 

Getting There introduces the tool sets through Jessie’s true story and her journey from pain to wellness.  Educational tutorials are included to help you understand “the whys and the wherefores” and provide a deeper comprehension. You will learn ways in which your body and the universe talk to you through its babbling signs; how to listen; and what to do about it.

Many people are searching for their own “there”. What “getting there” means in this book depends on where you are. It may mean getting rid of a chronic issue or pain, getting a different job, finding peace of mind, or learning how to move forward with family dynamics. Enjoy the multitude of informational treasures inside that help people of all ages get to “there”. 


Christina Dye

Christina Dye serves as a Holy Yoga Instructor with a heart towards challenged and adaptive clients, a volunteer and through her cleaning business, My Heart, Your Home. Now she also serves as an author.

Celebrating the hard-won wisdom that the Master has placed on her heart, Christina eagerly shares that wisdom in her book, Your Turn Will Come, and infuses it in all of her ventures and interactions. To know Christina is to know God’s light and love.



Your Turn Will Come is a charming and moving story written by Christina Dye. It’s a feel good and inspirational allegory that will delight multi-generations. If you are feeling a bit left out or ignored by God, Christina’s delightful tale will touch you and deliver hope and encouragement for your journey. To know Christina, and the characters she brings to life, is to know God’s love and light. It won’t take long to identify which character resembles you most, and don’t be surprised if who that is changes every time you read it. This whimsical tale will be a narrative you return to again and again, especially in times of frustration or disappointment, for the beautiful reminder to hang in there, because your turn will come.





Justice Joseph D. Valentino (Ret)

Justice Joseph Valentino spent over 30 years on the Bench in New York State. Over the course of his career, the Judge is accused of showing humanity in the courtroom and maintaining fairness to all involved. An esteemed judge as well as a well respected husband, father, coach, professor, band member, and friend, Joseph Valentino never met anyone that he did not value who commanded his interest and respect. He was fair, fun and is about to release his Memoir, The Trial of My Life, in June 2017.



Justice Joseph D. Valentino spent over 30 years on the Bench in New York State. Over the course of his career, the Judge has been charged with showing humanity in the courtroom. An esteemed judge as well as a well-respected husband, father, coach, professor, band member, and friend, Joseph Valentino never met anyone that he did not value as a human being. Judge Valentino’s career exemplified what fair, dignified and compassionate justice looks like. 

In, The Trial of My Life, Judge Valentino loosely puts his life on trial, complete with opening and closing statements, character witnesses and side bar material. His story will inspire you to believe that goodness exists in the criminal justice system, but will also leave you laughing out loud. The humorous stories that helped him maintain his positive attitude throughout his time on the bench, will cause more than one belly laugh. You, the reader, are tasked to be the jury; deciding whether the Judge does in fact live up to his reputation for fairness and dignity for all.



Christine Baker Marriage

Christine Baker Marriage is a Work/Life Balance Strategist, aka “The Time Strategist”.  She helps make your business life easy, efficient, and organized by creating systems to track information, your efforts, your to do’s and actually accomplish them which altogether help you maximize your time   The extra time can be used for being uniquely good to your customers, creating memories with your family and friends, and taking care yourself. 




Does life feel chaotic and unproductive? Are you merely coasting through life instead of thriving? In Need More Time?, entrepreneur, blogger and speaker Christine Baker Marriage talks about how to stop being busy and start being productive by sharing her time management strategies that she has developed. Inside you will discover: *How being “too busy” can inhibit success * Why time strategy is so essential * How to combat ways you sabotage efforts to be successful * How to stay motivated and productive * Ways to create success If you are ready to stop being “too busy” and ready to have a life of productivity, then Need More Time? is for you!






Nancy Hovatter

 Nancy Hovatter is no stranger to grief. Two days after the birth of her beautiful son, Lukas, her precious son died of a congenital heart defect. His death set Nancy up for a lifetime of pursuing knowledge and resources to understand and cope with the grief that she experiences.

Nancy has spent the last 35 years serving other grieving parents. Due to very few resources or organizations that assisted parents of infant or still born death after Lukas died, Nancy often created and led support groups and provided education to grieving parents. Her affiliation with SHARE Infant and Pregnancy Loss and Pregnant Again fueled her passion to pursue her vocation in grief recovery.

Nancy’s heart to serve and strong desire to ease the grief and suffering of parents experiencing the same loss she did, led to her recently finishing her first book, Swimming Lessons from Lukas, due out in 2018.


No one can deny that having a child die two days aft er their birth is a tragedy. The aftermath of this kind of tragedy can be described as a tsunami of grief. Th is is where Nancy Hovatter found herself after the death of her beloved baby boy, Lukas, who died two days aft er his birth over thirty years ago.

Rather than succumbing to the waves of grief, Nancy learned how to navigate through them. She has dedicated herself to assisting other parents and loved ones learn how to do the same. Hard won lessons about grief have served Nancy, not only in overcoming her son’s death, but while encountering other instances of grief she has experienced throughout her life.

Nancy generously shares her wisdom, and serves as a beautiful example of what strength and resilience are when grieving. If you are looking for an inspiring tale to walk you through the waves of grief you may be experiencing, Swimming Lessons From Lukas, is an excellent place to start.



Denise Myers

Denise Myers once served as the only female leader in a district of over 25 leading retail stores for a Fortune 500 company. Back ‘in the day’ it was unpopular for women to speak up and provide valuable input, let alone serve as leaders. Knowing what it takes to communicate your wants and needs to all audiences is important for successful female leaders. Denise can literally say ‘been there done that, got the t-shirt’ when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. 

Denise is a certified LEAP coach/facilitator, and a certified ICF coach who has helped professionals of all levels develop profound leadership qualities. With more than 27 years of executive leadership, management development, and strategic team building experience with a fortune top 50 company, Denise has acquired best leadership practices and principles to help you reach new heights of achievement in your career. Leveraging LEAP, Denise uses leadership development practices employed by some of today’s most successful organizations to help inspire, engage and re-energize both accomplished and aspiring leaders. Denise’s book, Twisted Leadership, is due out in Spring 2018.