The Zebra Chronicles by Sheila Kennedy

Author Katelin Maloney

The Zebra Ink recently held a Holiday Pop Up Book Shoppe in Rochester, NY. One of the featured authors that day was Katelin Maloney.   Meet Katelin Maloney When Katelin Maloney sees a huge wrong in our society like domestic violence, she doesn’t just wish it away. She works diligently and passionately to help right that... Read More

Author Jodi Aman

The Zebra Ink recently held a Holiday Pop Up Book Shoppe in Rochester, NY. One of the featured authors that day was Jodi Aman. Meet Jodi Aman Jodi Aman knows people. She is a practicing psychotherapist who has worked with 35 people a week for 20 years in Rochester NY. She got her Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University... Read More

Author Angella Luyk

The Zebra Ink recently held a Holiday Pop Up Book Shoppe in Rochester, NY. One of the featured authors that day was Angella Luyk.  About Angella Luyk Angella Luyk is no stranger to what a business owner goes through in a daily basis. She has successfully started and grown numerous companies, Midnight Janitorial Inc. and One... Read More

Dear Dazzle: Imperfect is Beautiful

After years of chasing down “perfection at all costs”, I see that it just isn’t worth the pursuit. The result was such ugliness in my heart and mind. I gave up a lot to gain so little. The funny thing is that when we chase perfection it is a signal that we truly are not good enough in any moment and creates such... Read More

Dear Dazzle: Focus on What Is Ahead

My eyes are focused on what lies ahead! I have ventured out into the world of being brave recently. I am speaking out on incredibly sensitive subjects and quite honestly have gotten some push back that makes me question whether or not I am doing the right thing. More than once I have wanted to retreat back to safety and stay quiet. I... Read More

Dear Dazzle: What do they see?

When I first got divorced I had plenty of people approach me and say things like “Divorce looks great on you.” I would be so offended. They had no clue what I had been through and I am sure they were honestly giving me a compliment, but looking better was the least of my concerns at the time. After a period of not sleeping... Read More

Dear Dazzle: The Day I didn’t want to cry

It was the Resolutionary Award Ceremony this morning.  Sharing the story of my experience with domestic violence in front of 285 people that I owe so much gratitude to for supporting Resolve of Greater Rochester. I was so honored to share the impact that Resolve has had in my life. I honestly can say that there is no doubt in... Read More

Dear Dazzle: Offer Mercy

Maybe it’s the season or maybe just the season of life I am in, but mercy is playing a big part of it. Being the word geek that I am, I looked up the definition of mercy so that I truly understood the concept that has caused me so much angst in the past few years. The definition is “compassion or forgiveness shown toward... Read More Dear Dazzle: Strike a Pose

Dear Dazzle, I had an experience this morning that I found quite comical.  It was exactly what I needed to lift me out of the funk I have been in. Boy did it show up right on time! Most of you know that I left an abusive marriage. I am still unpacking how traumatic and abusive it really was.  It isn’t my favorite thing to... Read More

Dear Dazzle: Offer it again

Dear Dazzle,    It is really easy to stop offering what you have to offer when you hear the word no.  When you offer a product or program and the response is not positive or overwhelmingly yes, we have a tendency to file that away in the category of “no one wanted this” and stop offering it. Sometimes the way we offer... Read More

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