Writing Tips

The Daily Magnet including info-sponging by Sheila Kennedy of The Zebra Ink The Practice of Info-sponging and The Daily Magnet

 Info-Sponging is the way to grow! What the heck is that? I was first introduced to it by Jeff Hoffman, the co-founder of Priceline.com when I interviewed him for my book, Choices to Changes.  “Info-sponging is observing what is happening outside your industry and in the world, literally taking notes and then connecting... Read More

Picture this before you write

Picture It! Who are you writing to? That’s right! If you want to keep your writing focused and on track, create a picture in your mind of who you are writing for. Not unlike picking an avatar of who your ideal client might be in business. If you keep focused on who the ideal person is to read whatever you are writing, the process... Read More

Why are you writing with The Zebra Ink Why are you writing a book?

Why you are writing is a crucial question to answer. If you are thinking about writing a book, the task can seem monumental if you have not done it before. It really isn’t and is completely accessible for most people. Many aspiring authors think the “outline” is a must have way of getting started. I beg to differ. I believe... Read More