Dear Dazzle: Focus on What Is Ahead

My eyes are focused on what lies ahead!

I have ventured out into the world of being brave recently. I am speaking out on incredibly sensitive subjects and quite honestly have gotten some push back that makes me question whether or not I am doing the right thing. More than once I have wanted to retreat back to safety and stay quiet.

I felt that way on Tuesday before my speaking event. I talked myself out of it up until I started to speak and then I just let it flow. I left there wanting to puke because the vulnerability hangover began immediately. I left convinced that I was going to put this topic to bed and speak of it no more.

That evening I received a message from one of the people in the audience that brought me to tears. Basically someone shared their story with me and said “You encourage me. I needed to hear everything you had to share today. Thank you.”

So my eyes are ahead. I won’t stop because of the discomfort of a few. There are listeners whose lives will change because they see that change is possible because of what I share. Do I love being uncomfortable? No! Will it stop me from sharing? No! I remind myself that an effective thought leader or truth teller is going to repel as many as they attract. I got my first taste of repelling people. I don’t love it, but I see it’s value. It actually strengthens my platform and for that I am grateful.

Future looks dazzling and today is already bright.

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