Dear Dazzle: Offer Mercy

Maybe it’s the season or maybe just the season of life I am in, but mercy is playing a big part of it.

Being the word geek that I am, I looked up the definition of mercy so that I truly understood the concept that has caused me so much angst in the past few years. The definition is “compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.”

It is hard to imagine that the person I needed to extend mercy to the most was myself. God and others were much more forgiving of my transgressions. I could not forgive myself for the decisions I have made and the hurt I have caused. Not recognizing that the person that was hurting the most through all of that was me. I became my own worst abuser.

As I began to unpack the guilt and the shame for those decisions I made, I began to see that all of the decisions were worthy of mercy. I still wasn’t completely on board until I began to offer mercy and forgiveness to the people that had hurt me the most. Once I saw the transformation in those recipients and how different I felt as a result, I understood that the next step was to offer mercy to myself.

It might not be 100% yet, but so much more than before. If you are struggling with wrongs that have been done to you, consider releasing the anger and hate you feel and extend mercy. It doesn’t make what has happened right, it means you love yourself to fill your heart with kindness.

Turns out that offering mercy to myself and others has been a supreme act of self love. Aside from birthing a child, that act has been the greatest evidence of my divinity yet. I am by no means God, but I have been offered divine-like powers like creation, mercy, Grace and love. So have you. Those powers are there for you to employ at any moment. Mercy is a beautiful place to start. It definitely helps to put your shine on dearest DAZZLE!

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