Dear Dazzle: Offer it again

Dear Dazzle,

copy-of-dear-dazzle-15   It is really easy to stop offering what you have to offer when you hear the word no.  When you offer a product or program and the response is not positive or overwhelmingly yes, we have a tendency to file that away in the category of “no one wanted this” and stop offering it.

Sometimes the way we offer is what turns people off.  Sometimes it is that there is not a perceived need in their life at this moment for the offering, so they say no.  Sometimes it just isn’t a fit right now even though they would take advantage of the offering if it was.  There are as many reasons as the negative responses you might get including that the offering might trigger something that is too big for them to even try to say yes.

I was talking to a friend last night and we were brainstorming ways that she could insert some additional income into her business.  I offered some ideas and each one she said she had tried that before and didn’t get a good response.  Okay.  That can leave someone a little gun shy about making the offer again.  Here are a couple of things I want to offer if you find yourself in that situation.

First is that sometimes we don’t have enough experience to be credible or an authority.  It happens – longevity in an area creates wisdom.  I would much rather have the experienced tattoo artist than the one just out of art school not having any experience.  We learn things as we go along and sometimes our wisdom and offerings need time to mature.  No harm in giving it some time.

Secondly,  it is quite possible that you haven’t crafted a specific enough offering to get anyone to say yes.  When you try to appeal to every demographic that you could work with or you try to address all of the problems you solve, the offering becomes less like a personal invitation to build a relationship and more like a bullhorn in the face.  Those bullhorns have a tendency to turn people off.  Go ahead and be specific. You can always offer to a different demographic a little later, but start with one and work up.

Thirdly,  Some people just aren’t ready to say yes.  It isn’t no forever, just right now.  Case in point.  I have visited Domestic Violence shelters and programs for years in various capacities.  Each time they offer to put me through a recovery program.  I always say no. I haven’t even been close to ready.  I can push that hurt and anger away and function just fine thank you very much.  Until I couldn’t and have finally taken them up on the offer.  I wasn’t ready until now, but what if they had stopped offering after the first no?

Fourth, it is only your job to offer it, not be attached to the outcome.  So often we do not share what we want to offer because we already have a preconceived idea that the audience will not want it or that you are bothering them, etc.  It is not your job to make the decision for them.  Let them make the decision.  I am guessing you don’t like it when someone decides for you.  Why would you presume to make a decision about someone’s buying power without letting them know their options?

I could probably go on and on, but I hope you are getting the point.  Re-offering something or re-crafting a message is important.  There are so many missed opportunities because someone said no once.  Of course being obnoxious about it is not what I would recommend.  Build the relationship with who you are sharing your offers with. If you do, you may learn that what you are currently offering might not be a good fit for them, but something else you could offer might be ideal for them.

Keep plugging away dear dazzle!  Brilliance doesn’t shine when it is hidden away from others.

Shine on –



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2 Responses to “Dear Dazzle: Offer it again”
  1. Kim B Smith says:

    Very nice! The word doesn’t mean it will NEVER work! It just means they are not ready yet AND just because something didn’t work once doesn’t mean it wont work another time. Maybe some tweaking in the offering!

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