Dear Dazzle: Do Your Part


It seems like a given, but it is amazing to me how often we miss this crucial part of success. We all want to be successful – no one wakes up saying let’s see how I can be a failure today. We want to succeed. We also want ease and grace and fast. That is a great intention to keep setting and aligning your mind and body with, but there is a critical element that is missing in that equation. You get to do your part.

See, you have been blessed with gifts and talents. You have everything you need for success. No where in the equation does it say that you won’t have to work with those gifts and talents to make something happen. Success takes work. End of Story. We are not graced and given what we don’t put effort into. Sure, can you get unexpected windfalls or a client you weren’t expecting? Absolutely but that is a result of using the talents and gifts you have if not in that particular moment at some point prior.

image1-2For example, I want to make a Chocolate Kahlua Cake this week. I can see it in my mind and if I meditate long enough I can even conjure up how it feels and tastes in my mouth. This is what I want and I deserve it. I am worthy of this experience. So on Monday, I end up at the store picking up all of the ingredients and I put them on the counter. I have all of the necessary ingredients – I am good to go to enjoy this fantastic cake. It is now Saturday and I still haven’t enjoyed this cake that I am very much desiring and deserving. Here is the thing … I can stare at the ingredients all day long and twice on Sunday but they aren’t going to put themselves together and bake. I am the catalyst here. I get to use the gifts I have been given like reading the recipe, physical movement, thought, etc to actually make this happen. I get to do my part in making this cake if I want to enjoy it. Of course the other option is I could pay someone to make it, but again I would still get to use the gifts I have been given to recruit someone to do that and make sure they had the necessary skills to make the cake the way I wanted them to.

It breaks my heart all day long to hear clients and others work on their mindset and get aligned with purpose and intent only to be disappointed when positive results aren’t created with just that piece. We get to work. We must actively use what we have – it is part of the equation for success. There is no getting around it.

I just dropped my daughter off to an SAT prep course on a Saturday morning at 8:15am. She has set a pretty big goal for herself. She needs a better SAT score in order to get into the college she wants to go to. She could very easily sign up to take the test again and hope she does better this time. She can get right in her head and body that she is deserving of a higher score and worthy of doing better. She can also use the talents she has been given to practice and review what she knows so she has an even better chance of a higher score. Sometimes the things that we want require sacrifice and work. She would much rather be sleeping in on a Saturday morning. She understands that she gets to do her part in accomplishing her goal.

So Dear Dazzle … if you want to eat the cake you get to do your part. You have certainly been given everything you need and sometimes that looks like plain old effort and work.

Go be brilliant! Shine on!!

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3 Responses to “Dear Dazzle: Do Your Part”
  1. Kim B Smith says:

    Yep! Push up the sleeves, do the work! Steven Pressfield wrote a book called do the work! We must show up, step up, lean in, whatever, but DO THE WORK and quit complaining!

    Nice one Dear Dazzle!

  2. Hi Sheila,

    I love this post! I often talk about the difference between things we “get to do” and things we “have to do”. When I get stuck in the rut of “I have to do ______”, even if it’s something I might normally enjoy (like your cake) it can become burdensome and hard to do – even more so when it’s something I don’t enjoy doing. If you can re-frame it as “I get to do it”, and then allow yourself a few moments to see what becomes possible in the doing, the burden can be almost instantly lifted. There is tremendous power in choice and from that space, as you so often discuss, success becomes possible and actionable. Thanks for this much needed reminder and inspiration. I “get to” go write a letter now that has past due!

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