Get Writing! 21 Days of Writing Prompts

Get Writing! 21 Days of Writing Prompts with The Zebra Ink 

Get Writing! Twenty-one Days of Writing Prompts is an answer to your challenge of starting a writing habit!

Writing can be so much fun or it can be something you dread!  In my experience I love it and the main reason for that is it helps me figure out what I am thinking and feeling.  I am an avid journal writer which is how I started before becoming an author.  Writing every day is what helped me discover that I actually had something to say.

   It can be tough to begin. You might need a little bit of help getting started.  I have 21 days of writing prompts that will take up no more than twenty minutes of your day.  It is totally free and yours to use as you see fit.  Give it a try – you have nothing at all to lose.

   Enter your info below and you can get started right away!!

   Be sure to keep in touch – I want to know how this experiment worked out for you!  

   Have fun and enjoy!!