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Hi! I’m Sheila! So glad that you landed on this page. Let’s begin our virtual connection together right now. Imagine we are sitting at a table enjoying a beverage and getting to know each other. Read on if you want to know what I bring to the table today …  Sheila Kennedy at The Zebra Ink

Advocate for Action: Complacency can kill a dream faster than anything else – I learned that the hard way. The more complacent I become, the further away from achieving my vision I get. When I was writing my book, Choices to Changes, that was one of my biggest take-a-ways from the entrepreneurs I spotlighted. It also manifested in a big way during that time when I stopped marketing my business, and filling my pipeline with potential clients. My business tanked, and I vowed to not let that happen again. We only move forward, grow and build our platforms by taking ACTION.


Hear Sheila Kennedy's voice from The Zebra InkBullhorn for Bravery:  You may or may not know that I was a Division I College Cheerleader and continue to cheer for people still. I find such great joy celebrating the courage of others. Whether it is authors, speakers or entrepreneurs, I love finding ways to shout out their bravery for sharing what they have been gifted to share. A firm believer in “what we pay attention to grows” and we need more brave people in the world. So … I pay a ton of attention to those I find brave.

Crusader for Choice: The ability to choose my reaction to any situation has been the basis of my empowerment. I understand that I can’t always choose myself out of a situation, but I do get to choose my reaction. No one can ever take that away from me. I encourage everyone to reframe their choices and watch the positive results!

Marketer of Moxie: I am a big fan of Moxie. It’s like a spunky form of courage.  Most often I help others find their courage, so they can overcome their discomfort in Marketing whatever it is that they are trying to share. Sometimes I help people find their sweet spot – so that they are confident in their marketing and connecting with others. It takes courage to make a connection, and I help those that embrace their moxie to market and connect effectively for their personality style.

Overcomer of Obstacles:  My favorite example of this is Choices to Changes. I was told at the very beginning that I shouldn’t write that book; in fact I was told I wasn’t qualified to write that book. So, I found a way to write it that was believable and received well. I have overcome life threatening obstacles to get where I am today. Rather than allowing the stumbling blocks I come across (sometimes on a daily basis) to get in the way of my progress, I stack them up, with the lessons each has taught me. I am building a stair case to higher ground, so I can see my vision coming to fruition.  Getting to help others do accomplish the same thing is better than doing it for myself!  

Purple Ribbon Publishing and The Zebra Ink partneringPartner with Purple Ribbon Publishing:  Abuse is never okay. There are far too many people falling victim to abuse, and one of the best defenses anyone has is sharing their story. Purple Ribbon Publishing provides a platform for Survivors to share their stories and for those who are dedicated to helping them heal, to share and publish their resources. I cover the content editing and launch strategy for the books published on that platform. It is super important to me to give victims a voice.

Prove-them-wrong Publisher:  Kind of strange wouldn’t you say? Not really. First, I had to prove to the doubters and haters that I could actually write and publish a book. Then I go through a similar process when I help authors publish their books. There are also many humans walking around these days truly believing that they could never write or publisher a book. It is an extreme pleasure to prove them wrong and show them they do have something worth saying.

Writer of Wisdom:  I am an author too and love to write. It is a daily habit that I have had for a long time. Journaling every morning delivers some of my biggest life lessons so far. You can check out the books I have written or co-authored. Not limited to my own life’s stories, I also write stories for others, finding the best words to write their wisdom. Writing is a privilege and the part of my career that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Wisdom feels meaningless to me until I share it.  

The Zebra visually reminds me of the choices I get to make!

Zealot for Zebras:  That may be a little strong, but the alliteration is perfect. My affinity for Zebras began in 2011. I was going through an extremely difficult situation and felt like I was trapped between a rock and a hard place. I said out loud to a friend, “I don’t have any choices.” He reminded me that I always have a choice and indeed I did. I chose to react differently, and got myself out from under the impending smashing rock coming towards me. A few months later I read a poem by Shel Silverstein called, “The Thing About Zebras.” In it he asked the zebra, “Are you black with white stripes or white with black stripes?” The zebra replied with questions like, “Are you noisy in a quiet world, or quiet in a noisy world?” “Are you good with bad habits, or bad with good habits?” and on and on it went. The remarkable part of reading that poem, is that I saw the zebra stripes as a way to visually remind myself that I always have a choice. I get to choose my reaction which empowers me. I have built my entire brand around that power to choose.

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Magazine that Sheila writes for monthly.

Well, that is basically me in a nutshell or maybe as a whole tree! (Told you I like to write!) Professionally, I am also a blogger, a magazine columnist, a speaker, coach, content editor, marketing strategist, and event planner. Personally, I’m a mom to my miracle daughter, a friend, listener, cheerleader and fireball.  Filled with boundless energy, I love connecting to new people and making connections for others. I am looking forward to getting to know you and swapping stories!

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