Connecting Authors and Their Audiences

One of the most challenging things I have experienced as an author is creating opportunities to meet my audience and sell books. I figure that I am not alone in my quest to sell more books and connect with my audience. I came up with an idea to open a book shoppe where the public can come in and interact with the authors while they purchase books. I like to call it a Pop Up Book Shoppe!

The Zebra Ink Pop Up Book Shoppe


How Does A Pop Up Book Shoppe Work??

How this works is that The Zebra Ink secures a location and creates a book shoppe. The Zebra Ink takes care of the marketing for the event (although we rely on you sharing the event and social media posts regarding your book (s) and the event.) utilizing social media and local media news outlets.  You only need to pay a small fee to participate, share with your tribe on social media, bring your books, meet your audience and sell your books. Easy enough right!? All of the heavy lifting is done for you! The Zebra Ink even provides you with a swipe file complete with social media posts for you to share.  

When and Where is the Pop Up Book Shoppe?

The next one will be on April 26, 2018 from 4 – 7pm at Nox Cocktail in Village Gate, Rochester, NY.

The amount of authors The Zebra Ink can support is limited to twenty, so if you are interested, you need to sign up as soon as you can to secure your spot. Once we max out on space, the opportunity will be closed.  

The Zebra Ink Pop Up Book Shoppe


If you are interested in this unique opportunity to gather with your audience and get a great marketing boost for Spring gift giving and summer beach reading, then sign up now! Space is limited for the April 26th Pop Up Book Shoppe!

Let’s sell more books and get your book in the hands of your audience! 

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