Practice Creates Mastery in Writing

When I was writing Choices to Changes, one of the entrepreneurs I interviewed, Karen McMillan, shared that Karen McMillan shared Practice Creates Mastery practice creates mastery. If we want to do anything masterfully, we need to put in the practice to achieve a masterful result. That can be applied to anything you want to achieve mastery in, including writing.

You already do this even though you might not realize it. Think about when you were learning the “thing” that you are considered an expert in. You kept repeating that message and that knowledge continually until it became second nature. That requires time and effort of course, but those are also two things that you can control. If you want to speed up the mastery curve, you practice more often. You put in extra effort. That is how success is made, not these magic bullets that promise results that are unachievable without putting in the work.

When it comes to writing, there are two things that will help you become a masterful writer. I know that some of you might only have a goal of being a better-than-awful writer and these two tips will help you too!

The first thing to do is to read more. When you read, you have a front row seat to masterful writing. Each author has their own style of course, but if they are published, they have achieved (or their editors have) some degree of Mastery. You can learn how they transition and maneuver sentence structure. They may write in a style and voice that you want to emulate as well. If you don’t expose yourself to other writers, you are writing in a vacuum and might miss out on some beautiful techniques that you can integrate into your own writing. It also exposes you to some awesome vocabulary that you can use as well.

Most of my book writing to date has been non-fiction and self help in nature. It is instructional most of the time with simple, concise sentence structure. I rarely have to describe anything or use extensive imagery or dialogue. I am currently writing a book about a woman who survived the holocaust and it has required me to read novels and biographies of that era. It has been very educational, and it helps me understand the nuances of the time, so I can incorporate appropriate language, dialogue and vocabulary. The research done just by reading will prove invaluable to helping me make this story believable.


Get Writing 21 Days of Writing The second thing to do to be a masterful writer is to WRITE!  Yes, easy enough right? A daily writing habit may seem to be too much to bite off, but it is easier than you think to form that habit. Take ten minutes a day and just write what is on your mind at that present moment. Being able to practice articulating your thoughts into words is a huge accomplishment. Your daily writing doesn’t have to be about your book. It can be a recount of your daily activities or a morning intention that you explain a bit more deeply than just an affirmative sentence.

I know it is harder to get started with the habit than keeping up with it, so I created a series of writing prompts that get sent to you for 21 days. They will help you get into the habit and show you that it isn’t as intimidating as you think it might be. It is totally free, and just click GET WRITING to get started!

Practice creates mastery in writing. Reading more and writing more are going to be required. There is really no way to get better at it. If you don’t want to put in the time and effort, I suggest a copy writer for your business copy and a ghost writer for your book. That is the only true short cut. If you are up to the challenge though – get writing! It gets easier every time you engage.

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