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Press Kits and Positioning with The Zebra Ink

Do you want more media attention for your book, brand or business?

It seriously breaks my heart when I see authors (or any entrepreneur for that matter) that want to be more visible in the marketplace, and do NOT have a press kit ready. 

They want to get more media attention and they desire more speaking engagements, but they scramble to put together author information for every request they receive or proposal they send out. What a waste of time and energy!! Let me share with you the information that will help you as an author or entrepreneur – creating a consistent message and positioning you differently above the rest of the marketplace in your field or topic. 

You Had It All Along authored by Sheila Kennedy

I created my first press kit just before the release of my first solo book, You Had It All Along.

If you are interested in building your platform, a solid press kit that gets used is one of the best tools you could have! I didn’t think it was a big deal when I first became an author. I thought things like, “I am not important enough for that.” or “Who do I think I am – a celebrity?” I am so grateful for a colleague who helped me put together my first press kit when I wrote my first book. It has proven time and time again to be the best tool to use for building my platform in a professional manner.

So do not let 2018 be another year for you NOT have a press kit at the ready.

Download the recorded version of Press Kits and Positioning today!

In the class I cover:

  • Why you need a press kit
  • How to use it once you have it
  • Elements of a press kit
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace so you stand out
  • What a sound bite is and how do you create them

Handouts on Positioning Yourself, elements of a Press Kit and How to Create a Sound Bite will be delivered with your recorded class. 

This will be a fantastic investment for you. Having a tool that makes you look like a superstar prepared for whatever opportunities come your way. Don’t you want to have a professional, prepared, efficient and dazzling reputation among media and event planners? 

There is a small investment of $29. It will certainly be an investment that will pay you back ten fold … if you create your press kit and actually use it. Four years after creating my first one, it is still one of my most favorite ways to grow my platform.

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You do not have to be an author to utilize this class. If you are looking to grow your platform or influence in the marketplace – this is for you! If attracting media attention and speaking engagements will help you, then please join us!