Sheila Kennedy, founder of The Zebra Ink, provides various services. She also has a team behind her that performs services providing the best experience for her clients. There are several ways to work with Sheila. Her hope is to level the playing field for Independent Authors and to make Self Publishing accessible while reserving The Zebra Ink label for her Premium Clients.

One thing that you can count on, no matter what way you work with Sheila, is that she will not take any part of your royalties or profits from books you sell. Sheila strongly believes that you should make money off of your brilliance, not her. She gets paid for her services as they are performed. Everything that you make after the book is published is yours to keep and grow. 

To help you decide what level of service you require, please feel free to schedule an opportunity to discuss by emailing Sheila at

Strategy Session: $350 

Three hour session with Sheila Kennedy to strategize, plan, review, brainstorm about your book. Topics could include: organization of book, narrowing down a topic, strategizing marketing plan, creating launch day strategy, etc. Session can be in person or over Zoom.

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Bio Refresh  $290

Bio Refresh with Sheila Kennedy of The Zebra InkGet an updated bio written in three versions – long, short and speaker which is perfect for your Press Kit! Also get sound bites and social media profile bios for a consistent message! 



Content Editing  $750 – $1400

A book needs a content editor. Sheila provides a fresh set of eyes that is necessary to making sure that the book flows well, is organized and easy to follow. We work together to make sure it will be the tool you want to help you achieve your goals. We will review language and vocabulary to make the book as interesting as possible. This is not the same as copy editing. Sheila will correct the grammar issues that stand out, but she is not reviewing for grammar – that is a different editor.


Coaching and Content Editing $1200 – $2000

You have an idea for a book, but need to get started, stay on track while writing, and then have it content edited. Sheila can help with that. This includes membership into the Writer’s Circle too.


Basic Publishing Package $2911 – $5000

This package includes most of the elements of publishing a book and building a platform. You get admitted to The Writer’s Circle for starters. Coaching and strategizing takes place along with setting goals for your book. Content Editing is included. An ISBN number and barcode for your print book. Marketing strategy session and Branding your book services are included. Launch day planning complete with a swipe file for book brigade, book description and author bio. Listing on The Zebra Ink website for one year. Inclusion in one Pop Up Book Shoppe. Copy editing, layout and book cover design are the responsibility of the author and those fees are not included in this package.  *This includes The Zebra Ink imprint that will be made available for your book cover designer.


Launch Strategy  $500 – $800

Create strategy for book launch sequence. Branding Your Book and Creating the framework to find your book brigade are also services included in this package. Creation and delivery of a social media swipe file included. *** This is not a session that strategizes how to achieve Amazon Bestseller status. That happens for many of The Zebra Ink clients, but it happens organically without manipulation of the system. If guaranteed bestseller status is what you are looking for, Sheila can suggest other professionals. 


Press Kit Package  $500 – $5000

The basic package includes creation of a press kit and speaker sheet. Strategy sessions for how to use it and a develop a sequence and time line to utilize it are included. We will create the “top 50” list that you can use and write a press release for you to use with that top 50 list.

Additional services that are more hands on like securing interviews and opportunities for press are quoted on an individual basis.


Keynote Speaker at The Unstoppable Conference for The Tapestry Network 2016

Keynote Creation Package $500                                                                       

We review the themes of your book and create a memorable and impactful keynote speech. This package includes strategy sessions on how to get hired and promoted in front of the audience you are trying to impact.  






Ebooks $400 – $2911

You will be given a custom quote for Ebook services which may be as simple as transferring a print book into an Ebook. It can also be idea creation and coaching without a print book. Let’s have a discussion on how this would work for you. This will include a strategy session on launch sequence and marketing opportunities for Ebook. This service begins at $300 if there is already a print version of your book.


Audio Books: $TBD 

The Zebra Ink has a local resource in Rochester for making audio books. If you are not local to Rochester, we will find an alternative method for recording your audio book. The investment in your audio book will depend on how long it is to record it and who is narrating the book. A quote can be given once the parameters are set. The fee can range anywhere from $300 – $3000. 


Ghost Writing Package $8000 – $15000

You may want your story to be told, but do not want to write yourself. Sheila takes on select projects that include hours of interviews and research before she begins to write. This package comes with a book fully edited in content and copy. This does not include the publishing of completed book. All rights are maintained with the hiring party and not Sheila Kennedy or The Zebra Ink.


Premium Publishing package: $7000 – $12000

This package is for authors that want someone else to do the heavy lifting and publish their book under a label other than their own. This package includes all of the services from the Basic Publishing package AND complete editing, book interior layout, book cover design, an ebook and an Audio Book.  Extra Marketing support is included and the Press Kit Basic Package. This package includes three ISBN numbers, one bar code and The Zebra Ink imprint. Book will be included in the any Pop Up Book Shoppes for one year post launch date. 


Be sure to see additional services such a Writer’s Circle and the Pop Up Book Shoppe.