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When I wrote my new book Choices to Changes, I did an experiment for 60 days to see if the practices of confident entrepreneurs really made a difference when trying to grow financially, build more meaningful relationships, take bigger risks and gain more influence in the marketplace.

During those 60 days I tripled my income, attracted my ideal clients and was offered speaking engagements.  Yes!  I truly did!

After the 60 days, I let some of the daily activities I was performing fall to the wayside.  Then my business kind of fell apart and my income dwindled.  It wasn’t until I practiced the daily activities again that I began to make enough money to have the book published.

The biggest question on most people’s minds is “What were the daily activities that made such a difference in such a short amount of time?” I thought I would share them with you.

Put your info in at the right and I will send you The Daily Magnet!  This holds all of the activities I did daily, and why I performed them.  They truly are like a magnet for abundance.

The more consistent you can be in implementing The Daily Magnet, the more successful and abundant your business will be!

Enjoy and keep me posted of your success!

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