Write What You Know

Thinking about writing a non-fiction book and are not sure what to write about? How about something you know how to do and have social proof that it worked for you?

It is common and very effective to write about a process or condition that you have experienced personally. Even if

You Had It All Along authored by Sheila Kennedy

the results were less than stellar … a “what not to do” account can be just as effective as a “what to do” book. When I write my self-help/personal development books, it has been a winning formula. When I was struggling with self esteem and confidence, I wrote You Had It All Along, about how to achieve more of both. I listed the activities I performed and detailed the elements in my life that changed.

When I wrote my next book, Choices to Changes, I was trying to build my business and be more confident in my entrepreneurship. I interviewed entrepreneurs I admired that were practicing and achieving what I wanted.  (I interviewed Jeff Hoffman, Forbes Riley, Joie Gharrity, Brooks Hoffos, Sarah Newton, Karen McMillan, Viki Winterton, Cheryl LaTray, Therese Skelly, Bert Martinez, David Dey and Keefe Duterte.) I raised the money to publish that book by putting into place the practices they shared with me. The book itself is proof in the pudding! A tactile testimonial that the practices worked!

Joie Gharrity has written a book like that too. The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence details the practices she employed to gain more visibility and influence in the marketplace from her time as a Hollywood Insider. Christine Baker Marriage wrote, Need More Time? That content was born out of her need to be organized with three businesses, five children and husband and two dogs. She had to figure out how to be organized and mindfully present every day. That is what she wrote about it in her book. I don’t know about you, but I would rather buy books like those two any day, than to read something from an author that has just heard about techniques or learned from a book. Experience is powerful. Sharing it is in even more so.


I was speaking with an entrepreneur yesterday who has achieved amazing results in her business in what appears to be a relatively short amount of time and with no outside funding. The growth she is experiencing is outstanding and I told her she needed to write a book about the experience. There are so many people trying to achieve what she has and can’t figure it out. Having a guide to share what worked and didn’t would be extremely helpful to most people searching for what she has achieved.

I know that there are many reading this today that have employed this exact technique or have read a book like this. Why don’t you share that book is with us, so we can see how it is done?

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